Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Mike's Mechs Post

Here's the latest batch of mechs that I paint for Mike. This time we have an up-gunned Atlas (center) an up-gunned Jupiter (left as you view them), and the something with two large guns. Mike's told me about a dozen times what the names are, but I keep forgetting. I think that I have done about 20 or so of these mechs. I'm pretty sure that mike has about 16 of them so far. It's a pretty easy pattern, so long as the highlight works out well on the black. The black and red make them look pretty sharp. I need to ask him to line them all up in a large group shot, and maybe I can post it up on here. That might be cool.

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Jerry said...

You did a great job painting these. i am the original builder of them. i am wondering if you ever got that group shot from the owner. i would love to see what my, or i should say his, mechs look like today. u do great work btw. i am very happy that in the end they kept some sort of red in there color scheme as that my fav color.