Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Mike's Mechs Post

Here's the latest batch of mechs that I paint for Mike. This time we have an up-gunned Atlas (center) an up-gunned Jupiter (left as you view them), and the something with two large guns. Mike's told me about a dozen times what the names are, but I keep forgetting. I think that I have done about 20 or so of these mechs. I'm pretty sure that mike has about 16 of them so far. It's a pretty easy pattern, so long as the highlight works out well on the black. The black and red make them look pretty sharp. I need to ask him to line them all up in a large group shot, and maybe I can post it up on here. That might be cool.

Gotta New Look

I didn't like the old look, so now here's the new one. For now.....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Whitmann Lives

Just finished this guy. I got the Tiger Marsch box set for Flames of War. There's a few issues with it, namely the Whitmann figure is the same as some of the other Panzer tank commander's you get. Battlefront is slippin' just a bit. No matter. I went and grabbed a TC that looked more fitting for the Panzer ace than the one BF put in the box. I think it came out ok. If I had it to do over, I would skip the kill rings. My hand is not that steady.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tommies are done!

I finally got them done. It's be a busy month with all the trips away from home, but I got them done. I spent pretty much the last two days working on them. I had two platoons left, the RA battery and the Motor platoon. I just finished both.

I bought one more platoon of Cromwells for a third platoon. I also got a single Cromwell at the same time. That should allow me to field that third platoon, and have two Cromwell VI CS tanks for my HQ

I'd like to complete the artillery battery and add a second firing platoon and observer Sherman. That'll be just a bit. I need to finish that third platoon first. Shouldn't be to much of a problem.

I also picked up the new Tiger Marsch box set. I might get to them after the last platoon of Cromwells. Anyway, enjoy the pics.