Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Drink up me hearties!

So I was digging around my 'lost projects bin' the other day for something to paint. You know the lost bin, it has all the half finished projects that you never got around to doing in it. From the bin I grabbed a bag of foundry pirates left over from a project I did about 9 years ago when I was playing Flagship Games' 'Pirates' game. Somewhere deep in my collection is a pirate crew for that game. Having just finished watching the latest instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean, I grabbed the bag and retreated to the warmth of my old Kentucky home.

While on a computer break, I found that Warhammer Historicals is going to release a set of pirate rules sometime this year. That's cool by me, as it will be based of the Legends of the Old West rules. Even better.

First up is Mad Molly Howard and here crew. The banner is hand painted and converted from a pirate armed with a boarding pike. The other two scallywags are armed with a musket and knife followed by a guy who's seen better days with his pistol and cutlass.

Another converted pikeman in this crew. I really like the red flag thing. From what I gather, Henry Every had red banner with a skull on it. If Osprey Books is right, it was the same skull as below with crossed bones under it. Regardless, I pirated it for my own, dropped the bones and add a cannon and some cannon balls. I think it looks catchy. I like the black banner from above, but it doesn't strike me as well as the red one does.

Rounding out this little batch is an officer in a coat, a scallywag with a musket again, and Scotsman with a short barrelled blunderbus. At least I think he's supposed to be a Scot. Last we have three figures that aren't really pirates but were fun to paint all the same. We have civilian types and every one's favorite: the corporate downsizer. I can't wait to use the civi's as hostages and maybe even run a game where the pirates have to free their buddies in the dungeon from the evil headsman

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