Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Back from deployment with a thirst to paint, I set upon my pirate collection again. I managed to paint a few more of them. All told, I have about 25 or so pirates painted with a few captains and two banners. When I clean off this heap of balsa and cardstock I have three pirates with boarding pikes to paint up yet. I get to posting some shots of the new pirates soon.

Over the weekend I did an internet search for Garry Chalk's instructions on how to build a pirate ship out of cardstock and balsa wood. Having Monday off, I raided the local Micheal's art supply store for the need materials. I spent about 5 hours Monday afternoon and another 4 hours or so today. I'm just about done with the ship. I have a few things to add yet, like windows on the stern and some detailing to the hull sides before I paint it.

I will say this about the plans: they're pretty close. I did find that I need to make adjustments to the parts now and again. I'd say they were about 90% accurate. I had to make a different hull template that was a bit longer and wider, along with some of the dressing parts. All in all, it's been a blast to put together. I have one other ship plan that I'd like to try. I'm not sure if I will build another one of these or not, but it sure was fun.