Monday, January 28, 2013

Bolt Action FJ

This weekend was a busy weekend for me.  First up I finished a project that has been sitting on my paint desk for the last few months.  Last fall I bought a few Fallshirmjager blisters and one box.  I've slowly been working on them as time permits, which isn't a whole lot when you're training a unit for deployment and have three young kids in the house.  I found motivation in the new Muskets and Tomahawks rules.  I have set on order and I now have a pile of lead from Eureka USA, Conquest, and Brigade Games that needs some attention.  With the pressure building up, I finished the last 10 FJs and the Stug III so I can begin my French and Indian War project.

Here is a shot of the total force.  All the miniatures are Bolt Action.  I have a 5 man command squad and two 8 man infantry sections with a Panzerschrek, Medium Mortar, and a Pak 40. 
 A close up of the first infantry section.  I'm not thrilled with the camo pattern, but over all I really like the sculpts.  They have to be my favorite sculpts from WWII.

 This is the command team.  There are two officers in caps, a radioman, medic, and spare rifleman.
 This is the second of the two infantry squads.  I love the sculpts in this squad, from the NCO with the grenade to the rifleman with the soft caps on.
 The medium mortar came out pretty well.  It was the first time I used the Highland Tuffs from Army Painter.  I used two different types of flock on this base.  The base itself was painted with Steel Legion Drab from GW then highlighted with a buff color.
 The Panzerschrek team.  I was looking for something to dress up the base with on this one and found a stick while cleaning the yard.  I snapped part of it off and made it into a down tree for the team to hide behind.
 I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the PAK 40.  Next time I'll take one from behind the crew.  There's a lot of action in that crew and it's a shame that you can't really make it out from this angle.
 Infantry section two in front of the Stug III
 The Stug III.  I'm not happy with how it came out.  It's a Bolt Action vehicle and it's one of the best resin vehicles I've worked with (which isn't many).  I'm not real good with vehicles to begin with, I hardly paint them but of all the sections in this platoon this vehicle is the weakest.  I did learn a few things about painting vehicles, so the next one should be better.
 Here's the last guy.  I was at the local brick and mortar last week and he had a British Bolt Action 1000pt army on the shelf.  Which is out of place for the shop considering that 40K, Hordes, and anything from Spartan Games are the main games there.  I bought it on a whim.  I figure the Fallschirmjager need a solid opponent for WWII and no one fits the bill better than the Tommies. 
I hope you enjoyed the miniatures.  I hope to post up some of my finished work with the French and Indian War soon.

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Braxen said...

very nice figures indeed. Are they plastic or metal? I see that Warlod as a set box, is it the one you picked? Would it be the best choice for the later part of the war (44 Ardennes)?

thanks for the pics!